SETTLE World Café – Lithuania

The workshop was organized on the 14th of November, 2016 by Vytautas Magnus university. The aim of this World Cafe was to get the feedback of the experts and to discuss on the contents of the entrepreneurship modules. The content of the modules was created by SETTLE project leading partner University of East London. The discussion between organizers and experts was fruitful in a way of getting feedback on the developed material and sharing knowledge and experience.


The World Cafe consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical-discussion part. Theoretical part introduced project, the main results of the project, developed products. Practical – discussion part was organized in sessions, where the main questions were discussed: the content of the modules, the main competences for social entrepreneurship and how to teach them, do the modules fit the needs of the environment, social entrepreneurship learning pathway, the SETTLE learning platform.

Participants were experts from social entrepreneurship field in universities, entrepreneurship institutions, other education institutions working with social entrepreneurship. Also experts from entrepreneurship education.

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Main results
The discussion and work sessions on the content of the modules, learning pathway and collaboration were productive and fruitful. There was agreed that it is necessary to revise the created material and to adapt the material to the learners and the environment need. The learning pathway should stress the practical way of learning. It is necessary to include in the learning material more real, practical business cases; to analyse the real situations, videos. This will make sense in learning about social entrepreneurship and will make the platform more attractive.

The overall discussion gave as the further guidelines how to work and where to go. Also the World Cafe helped us to distinguish the main competences of the social entrepreneurship and to identify the learning pathway of social entrepreneurship.

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