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SETTLE Fair, Patras, Greece

Thursday 28/09/2017
Patras – Greece
Venue: POS Coworking Space

InterMediaKT had the pleasure of presenting our SETTLELab (lab.settle-project.eu/), the free electronic platform.

The purpose of the event was to give a day-to-day view of Social Entrepreneurship and to talk to people who are socially involved and to share their experiences with us.

Key Speakers were persons that followed SETTLE Project for the past 2 years!

Mr. Lampros Arapakos, Social Worker MSc, Association for Mental Health -SOPS Patras, Member of the Social Cooperative Society of Vulnerable Groups “Bridges Cafe”. In his speech Mr. Arapakos talked about the possibility of professional rehabilitation of people with mental health problems through social entrepreneurship, while he presented the “Bridges Cafe”, the first cafe in Patras that employs people with mental health problems.as a good practice of social enterprise,

Ms. Efi Daskalopoulou (http://intermediakt.org/project/efi-daskalopoulou-2/) – co-creator of Prosvasis.co, the award-winning internet accessibility tool / accessibility platform for people with disabilities. With experience in the areas of social need and entrepreneurship, she will share her experiences with us.

Mr. Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Social Worker MSc, KDΜΒ ΑΤΟΜ, Member of the Social Cooperative Society of Vulnerable Groups “Bridges Cafe” where he presented the importance of Social Entrepreneurship and the relevant framework in our country and beyond. He also presented the relevant European Project that participates, “Social Youth Enterprises” – “Social Economy-Social Entrepreneurship”, a new way of connecting young people to the labor market – socialyouthenterprises.eu.

Last but not least, Nasos Koskinas, owner of POS Coworking Space, presented his own experiences on youth entrepreneurship and the building of a team for this purpose.

Agenda – Presentations

17.30 – 18.00: Attendance

18.00 – 18:20: Introductory welcome from InterMediaKT’s President Greg Archimandritis and presentation of SettleLab from ICT Consultant Panos Antonopoulos

18.20 – 18.40: Lambros Arapakos – Good Practices for Social Entrepreneurship in Patras – Presentation of the SE “Bridges Cafe”

18.40 – 18.55: Efi Daskalopoulou – Social Need, Social Problem, Collectivism and Volunteering in the Age of New Technologies and Action “Accessible Roads” – http://intermediakt.org/project/accessible-routes-gr/

18.55 – 19.15: Dimitris Theodoropoulos – “Social Economy-Social Entrepreneurship”, a new way of connecting young people with the labor market – Social Youth Enterprises Presentation.

19.15 – 19.35: Nasos Koskinas – Young Entrepreneurship and Team Building. Key Facts and Challenges.