Interview with Niki Papageorgiou

Are you (have been) involved in training/ learning activities?

Assistant Manager at TOBEA Ltd
Niki Papageorgiou – Assistant Manager at TOBEA Ltd

TOBEA’s team participates in several conferences regarding social entrepreneurship, science and the responsibilities of each member of the team.

Which type of training activities? Which methodology do you use?

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Knowledge and information transfer between the members of TOBEA’s team

What are your ICT skills?

  • Project management software programs like MS Project which help us to develop a plan, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage the budget, and analyze the workloads.
  • Computer-aided design programs and computer-aided engineering programs like SoliDworks.
  • Automation software for programming the control units of our products.

What do you expect from training/learning?

  • To improve the level of knowledge and skills of the employees.
  • To reach a point where all essential and necessary areas of knowledge and experience will overlap in order to achieve a smooth operation of all departments of the company.

What are the barriers and gaps in training?

There is no overlap and there is lack of experience to some specific areas.

What are your training needs?

Attending seminars for improving our knowledge on design and project management programs.