Interview with Efi Daskalopoulou

Are they (have been) involved in training learning activities?

Social Entrepreneur / CEO of
Efi Daskalopoulou – Social Entrepreneur / CEO of

So far, there was no opportunity for our team to participate in training / education activities.

What are their ICT skills?

Our team consists of computer science engineers and potential MBA holders in ICT. Our team has skills exclusively in software & hardware.

What do they expect from training/learning?

Training and learning activities are always important in order to acquire the will and the skills to change for the better. This way, one can see more problems amenable to solution related to society and finding the proper way to solve them improving the quality of life of our fellow human beings. I expect one day the relevant education programs to encourage learners to think and act as agents of change.

What are the barriers and gaps in training?

Surely, training is vital. Without this, our civilization would not have made strides. But, to a social economy development, the problem is not the training being a good education, but the lack of substantial education as a base for support and success

It is essential for education to convey learner not only in the theory but also in the practice to listen to the events around him. Unfortunately based on our experience, it is difficult to find a suitable instructor to implement this targeted training.

What are their training needs?

Our team needs reinforcement in the Marketing field and department in order to obtain tools that will help the sustainability of a social enterprise. Certainly, an important need for training is the methods that could bring closer the customer/ user with the social product/ service and how to further promote it.