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Dissemination event in Flensburg, Germany

Our German partners in Domhan Vision held a dissemination event in Flensburg, Germany, on the 12 of September, 2017. It was a starter fair for the Europa-University in Flensburg, where they presented the SETTLELab platform.
“We were excited to present the SETTLE platform to new students are have the potential to set up their own social enterprise during or after their time at university”, Iris Rickhoff-Fischer said.

Presenting the SETTLE Project at Patras IQ 2017 expo

Our Greek partner, InterMediaKT, succesfully completed its’ participation in the 4th technological transfer fair entitled “[ Patras Innovation Quest – Patras IQ 2017 ], which was held at 07-09/April/2017, in the premises of the “Pampelloponisiakon Stadium”, in Patras.

InterMediaKT presented the aims, goals and objectives of the SETTLE to the visitors. The event was organized by the University of Patras, The Achaia Commercial & Industrial Chamber, Ministries of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and of Economy and Development, The region of Western Greece, the Hellenic Open University and the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece.

SETTLE Platform/Project presentation at “Be Eager”, Patras – Greece, 28 – 29 March

Patras – Greece
28-29 March

Our Greek partners, InterMediaKT, participated at the”Be Eager” 2 days Seminar – Workshop as mentors/ key speakers where they presented SETTLE platform/ project and they really enjoyed.

The Event inspired Uni students to see how a business idea can be created and learn all about.

The event was organized by “Patras IQ” and “Comvos – Cooperation and Motivation of Students

Through interactive workshops and trainings of professionals, the students will got the necessary knowledge to enable them to implement their own idea.

Moto of the event:

~ Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

~ Be Eager to change

SETTLE Final Conference Invitation

The Social Entrepreneurship Training via icT Learning Environments (SETTLE) Final Conference will be held on 30th June 14h00–18h00

Venue: University Square Stratford

Launch of the Final SETTLE Platform
Report back on SETTLE Partner Piloting
Launch of the Level 3 Social Enterprise Award
Launch of the Level 7 Enterprise Educators Award and Diploma

Followed by light dinner at Dinerama

Free registration via Eventbrite

Exchange of good practices, Patras, 9 Feb 2017

This morning we had the chance to meet the partners of the project “Social Youth Enterprises – Erasmus KA2 Project” – at Καφέ Γέφυρες – ΚοινΣΕπ Ένταξης and discuss about the objectives of the Project on social entrepreneurship and to introduce the projects we’re involved with young people who want to invest on social entrepreneurship.

In turn, they described their actions on camera and we all agreed to cooperate in joint actions.

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Startup Europe Week 2017 – Patras, Greece – 6 Feb 2016

Photos from the event of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece for Startup Europe Week where our Greek partner, InterMediaKT, presented our good practices from SETTLE Project!

We’d like to thank the committee again for the invitation and we look forward to new partnerships and joint actions!
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More photos from the event:


Presentation of SETTLE project in Greek workshop about Social Entrepreneurship

On January 26th, InterMediaKT, our SETTLE Greek Partner was invited to a seminar entitled “Social Entrepreneurship” which took place in a packed hall at Atropos Interdisciplinary Center, under the EU project Social Youth Enterprises – Erasmus KA2 Project, where the VET Centre “Atom” participates as a partner from Greece and Mr. Greg Archimandritis, President of InterMediaKT gave a presentation about “modern data and approaches on social entrepreneurship in Greece and EU level, presenting the SETTLE Project deliverables, philosophy and upcoming activities.

As part of the seminar was a reference to the general context of the Social Solidarity Economy in Greece and the new upcoming relevant legislation. Also, a presentation took place for financial and tax matters in the establishment of a Social Enterprise (KOINSEP) and good practices from the field of Social entrepreneurship in Greece and European level.

Yooweedoo Changemaker Summer Camp on Sylt, Germany

The world is full of people with great ideas – ideas that make the world better, fairer, more sustainable. But everyone has its doubts:

Surely someone had this idea already.

I have never done anything like this before.

No one is there to support me and I don’t have the money.

I had the same thoughts six months ago. I was concerned by the tremendous waste generation through disposable packaging but I had no idea what a solution could be, not to mention how to implement it.

But then there were people willing to support me, empower me, teach me how to change the world: yooweedoo and the team behind it. With their help, my friend and I learned how an idea can become real. We participated in the yooweedoo’s Changemaker MOOC dealing with all relevant aspects of planning a social enterprise project. Later, we won the yooweedoo idea contest that supports all winners with up to 2000 Euro as seed capital and now we really implement our idea in Kiel, Germany. Also and especially now, as we realize that more obstacles are awaiting us, we receive assistance through events and a network of entrepreneurs and experts, mainly based in Kiel.

One of the highlights within our process took place a few days ago. All 31 teams funded by the idea contest were invited to a Summer Camp on Sylt, a lovely, if not in fact the most beautiful island of Germany. If I had to describe the Summer Camp in three words, without hesitation I would say: inspiration, motivation and fun. They were such days that you precisely remember months later. A combination of discussions with companions, talks and presentations from experts and morning swims with friends.

The first day according to the motto “successful stories” gave us an insight of how an entrepreneur’s world looks like. We listened to talks of Quartiermeister, a social beer brand from Berlin, or Goldeimer, a compost toilet provider for festivals.

The second day provided impulses for organizing projects successfully – dealing with more or less interesting but always important issues. How to do social marketing, what legal form does the project need and how to raise money with crowdfunding? Next to the public talks, all experts took their time to answer every individual question privately.

So, I came back to Kiel realizing that connections to fellow entrepreneurs and specialists are essential. Through on-going input you receive many more ideas, review your concept and experience support. The Summer Camp weekend was a very good beginning. Nevertheless, what I wish for is a constant exchange and encouragement to ensure entrepreneurial success. How do other projects look within the field of waste avoidance? What barriers do they have to face? What advises can they give me?

I believe that by bundling international know-how and experiences, future and present social entrepreneurs might boost their social impact to another level. By connecting social entrepreneurs internationally everyone would gain strength and realize that we are fighting for corresponding ideals. That’s why I closely observe the work of the SETTLE project, which aims to build an open European-wide online learning platform that puts emphasis on informal, non-formal and collaborative learning.

I can only encourage everyone to realize their ideas, no matter how crazy or impossible they initially seem. You will find many people on your way that will support you and that hopefully you will support, too.

by Christina Lehmann, CAU University, Kiel, Germany



Intensive Workshop “Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change” in Bucharest

Around 35 students from seven different European universities with various academic and cultural backgrounds came together in Bucharest from the 12th until the 21st of May 2016 to take part in an intensive workshop on social entrepreneurship for local change. A team of around 20 organizational and visiting staff supported the students in their tasks throughout the whole workshop. After doing an urban safari to explore the local situation in Bucharest, the students formed seven working groups addressing different social challenges they identified in the city. Each group was asked to conduct further field research and to come up with a concrete business model framework for a social enterprise related to their topic. During the work process, students could be inspired by theoretical inputs about designed thinking and the theory of change as well as by social entrepreneurs who introduced their own social enterprises to the students. At the end of the workshop, each group handed in a poster and their business plan and presented their idea to a larger audience.

Implications for SETTLE

SETTLE-team member Verena from Domhan Vision in Germany participated this workshop and picked up the most important aspects and notions of becoming a good social entrepreneur. One aspect that stood out during the entire workshop was that financing a social enterprise seems to be the most challenging task for social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs also expressed their interest to connect beyond national borders and several students showed great curiosity in learning more about how to set up their own social enterprise. This is where SETTLE could come in, offering opportunities to foster exchange among social entrepreneurs, and providing ideas for financing and learning materials for new comers in the field. Yet, it might be useful to bear other existing websites in mind like, in order to not create something too similar with SETTLE.

Side information

The intensive workshop is part of the larger International Study Programme “Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change” taking place from March-June 2016. The International Study Programme furthermore consists of an online course and is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Commission.


  • HfWU Nürtingen-Geislingen (coordinator), Germany
  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany
  • Heldenrat e.V., Germany
  • Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
  • Odaida Creativa, Romania
  • Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
  • Estonian Social Enterprise Network, Estonia
  • Van Hall Larenstein, The Netherlands
  • Verena Himmelreich, CAU University Kiel, Germany