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International conference, 30 June 2017, London, UK

The SETTLE Final Conference was held on 30th June 14h00–18h00 at University Square Stratford.


14h00: Welcome

14h05: Overview of SETTLE Project

14h15: Overview of Outputs

IO1: Lina Klemkaite, Dramblys

IO2: Stephanie Sandland, UEL

14h30: Guest Speakers

Bob Lisney OBE Chief Executive and Trustee Public Monuments and Statutes Association

‘Social Enterprise and Sustainability: Pitfalls and Opportunities’

Ingrid Stellmacher Chief Executive: Le Menach Foundation

‘The Role of Dignity and the Dignity Diaries’

Ian Bathgate

IBM Project

15h30: Tea

15h45: Introduction to the SETTLE Lab, Virginija Bortkevičienė, Vytautas Magnus University

16h45: Launch of Level 3 Award

17h00: SETTLE way forward and Sustainability Partnerships








4th Transnational Meeting – London, UK

The UK partners, University of East London, hosted the 4th transnational meeting (TM) of SETTLE project on Thursday, 29th and Friday 30th June 2017.

During this TM, partners presented their activities so far, especially regarding the development of the courses for the SETTLELab platform  and planned the next steps for the last multiplier events and the finalization of the project.

Main topics of the official agenda:

THURSDAY 29/6/17


SETTLE PROJECT – Overview and status

Overview of where we have got to. 

Asking a critical question:  Where next?

Partner reports (1)

Discussion – partners’ contributions

Brief discussion on module contributions so far per partner

Partner reports (2)

Discussion – partners’ contributions

Continue contribution discussion on:

·        Issues arisen

·        Steps to Sustainability

SETTLELab – Fine tuning and Next Steps

Discussion and Suggestion Forum.

To discuss issues surrounding the platform, usability etc

SETTLELab Fair – Discussion on Dissemination

To discuss running of the event – open forum for idea generation.
Making SETTLELab impactful and appealing

SETTLE’s Impact

Brief Discussion on Qualifications, local activities going forward etc.


·         Administration Update

·         Financial management

·         Reporting

 University of East London (UK) to highlight next steps and deadlines

Friday, 30/6/17

Requirements for wrap up


All outstanding issues from yesterday needing clarification and further discussion

Final Conference 

–       Who to target

–       Using Conference to support sustainability

Presenting the SETTLE Project at Patras IQ 2017 expo

Our Greek partner, InterMediaKT, succesfully completed its’ participation in the 4th technological transfer fair entitled “[ Patras Innovation Quest – Patras IQ 2017 ], which was held at 07-09/April/2017, in the premises of the “Pampelloponisiakon Stadium”, in Patras.

InterMediaKT presented the aims, goals and objectives of the SETTLE to the visitors. The event was organized by the University of Patras, The Achaia Commercial & Industrial Chamber, Ministries of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and of Economy and Development, The region of Western Greece, the Hellenic Open University and the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece.

SETTLE Platform/Project presentation at “Be Eager”, Patras – Greece, 28 – 29 March

Patras – Greece
28-29 March

Our Greek partners, InterMediaKT, participated at the”Be Eager” 2 days Seminar – Workshop as mentors/ key speakers where they presented SETTLE platform/ project and they really enjoyed.

The Event inspired Uni students to see how a business idea can be created and learn all about.

The event was organized by “Patras IQ” and “Comvos – Cooperation and Motivation of Students

Through interactive workshops and trainings of professionals, the students will got the necessary knowledge to enable them to implement their own idea.

Moto of the event:

~ Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

~ Be Eager to change

SETTLE Final Conference Invitation

The Social Entrepreneurship Training via icT Learning Environments (SETTLE) Final Conference will be held on 30th June 14h00–18h00

Venue: University Square Stratford

Launch of the Final SETTLE Platform
Report back on SETTLE Partner Piloting
Launch of the Level 3 Social Enterprise Award
Launch of the Level 7 Enterprise Educators Award and Diploma

Followed by light dinner at Dinerama

Free registration via Eventbrite

3rd Transnational Meeting – Patras, Greece

The Greek partners, InterMediaKT, hosted the 3rd transnational meeting (TM) of SETTLE project.

During this TM, partners presented their activities so far and planned the next steps for the implementation and results of the project.

Main topics of the official agenda:


Lessons for sustainability

IO2. European learning pathway on Social Entrepreneurship 

Lessons for sustainability – Beta learning materials and link to EQF

IO3. SETTLElab Status Quo and Way Forward

Materials development and qualifications development

– Translation

– Sustainability

Piloting Planning = to support SETTLE Impact

–      Level 3 and Level 7

–      Drive SETTLELab through network (metrics, evaluation tools, etc?)

Local visit at “Café Gefyres”, a social enterprise based in Patras

–       Administration Update

–       Financial management

–       Reporting

Final Conference – London June 2017

–       Structure (After final meeting)

–       Programme Draft

–       Who to target

–       Using Conference to support sustainability



Exchange of good practices, Patras, 9 Feb 2017

This morning we had the chance to meet the partners of the project “Social Youth Enterprises – Erasmus KA2 Project” – at Καφέ Γέφυρες – ΚοινΣΕπ Ένταξης and discuss about the objectives of the Project on social entrepreneurship and to introduce the projects we’re involved with young people who want to invest on social entrepreneurship.

In turn, they described their actions on camera and we all agreed to cooperate in joint actions.

#Patras #ErasmusPlus #Meeting #Visit #Interviews

Startup Europe Week 2017 – Patras, Greece – 6 Feb 2016

Photos from the event of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece for Startup Europe Week where our Greek partner, InterMediaKT, presented our good practices from SETTLE Project!

We’d like to thank the committee again for the invitation and we look forward to new partnerships and joint actions!
#SEW17 #SEW17_Western_Greece #Patras #SETTLE

More photos from the event:


Interview with Rafael Lopez

The interview provided by our Spanish partners DRAMBLYS gives us some insights about social economy prospects in Castilla la Mancha region. “El Sembrador” foundation is aimed at socio-labour integration of people at a risk of social exclusion.

Interview Video: