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SETTLE Fair, London, UK

The event took place at London, UK, at the UEL premises in September 29th, 2017. After the presentation of the platform and interaction with it, the participants concurred that was a great resource and gave back a really constructive feedback that the consortium will take into consideration.

SETTLE Fair, Vienna, Austria

The SETTLElab fair in Vienna, organised by BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH , took place on 4th September 2017.

After theoretical information, the 20 participants were animated to discover the contents on the Open Virtual Platform by themselves. They were also invited to work out the case studies and tasks in groups, to discuss the topics altogether.

The event was very successful and the oral feedback very positive. The participants were very interested and motivated to learn something new about Social Entrepreneurship.

SETTLE Fair, Albacete, Spain

SETTLElab Fair has been held on the 19th of September in Albacete at the campus of UCLM (University of Castilla la Mancha). During the event, the participants have been introduced with Social Entrepreneurship topic and characteristics as well as 2 cases or examples of social enterprise. After the introductory session, Dramblys presented the main outcomes of SETTLE project together with the SETTLElab platform.

41 participants have attended the event, providing with a positive feedback towards the SETTLElab platform. On behalf of Dramblys, we would like to express our special thanks to UCLM for providing this space and opportunity to share the results of the project.

SETTLE Fair, Kiel, Germany


The multiplier event ME16 in Germany, the SETTLE Lab fair, took place on 14th September 2017. The fair took place in an alternative co-working space in Kiel, Germany. The co-working space is situated in a cultural building complex, Kiel’s former arts school. There, many social and environmental projects and companies work together and inspire each other. We, therefore, chose the venue: to attract potential final users and share the SETTLE lab among the existing community.

The 20 participants of the fair had very different backgrounds, ages, interests and knowledge (also concerning social entrepreneurship). The aim of the event was to make potential final users experience the platform, to share their experience with the crowd and to stimulate each other. For that purpose, DomhanVision chose practical activities: we gave the participants possibilities to interact and to discuss contents and the structure of the open platform as well as to discuss possible uses of it. The participants only received firstly background on the SETTLE project and working process but the focus was put on the independent discovery of the platform.

The SETTLE Lab fair was a success for the organisers and participants. Everyone enjoyed connecting with other participants and the openly designed agenda. They, furthermore, highly appreciated the output of the platform itself and gave helpful comments on the platform.


The SETTLE Lab fair consisted of an informal get-to-know round among the participants. Everyone shared openly his or her experiences concerning social entrepreneurship in the plenum to enable free communication and connections from the beginning. DomhanVision, then, continued with a presentation about the SETTLE project and the SETTLE lab. We gave the participants an insight into the structure, activities of the project, its milestones and consortium.

Later, the participants grouped to work in teams of 5 and chose one of the themes of the SETTLE Lab: ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise’, ‘Business Planning and Management’, ‘Funding and Finance Management’, ‘Social Impact and Change’ or ‘Growth and Sustainability’ – concerning their interests and backgrounds. They had one hour to discover the theoretical and practical parts of the lab: the slides, the case studies and quizzes. After that, they discussed in the plenum about their thoughts on the lab and what ideas they developed in the groups. Later on, food and drinks were served and the participants enjoyed free conversations in a laid-back atmosphere.

Main results

The SETTLE Lab fair offered much open space to the participants to experience the platform by themselves and to discuss over the contents and structure.

In four different groups, the participants registered in their team on the platform. Therefore, everyone brought its laptop. They took some minutes to get an overview of the platform and to understand the different elements. Some of the groups already had background in social entrepreneurship. Therefore, they decided on a specific practical project they are involved in and used a theme to clarify certain topics. Other groups had no experience. Therefore, they registered for one of the first two themes: ‘social entrepreneurship’ or ‘Business Management’ to get an introduction into the topics. Because of this, the individual groups discovered the platform very differently.

Specific themes the groups registered for:
Group 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise
Group 2: Business Planning & Management
Group 3: Funding & Finance Management
Group 4: Growth & Sustainability

While some concentrated on the development of their own project, others were inspired by the case studies that were presented on the platform. Later on, all groups shared their impressions and ideas on how to make the platform more effective and entertaining.

Many showed interest in using the platform in the future to fill it with own ideas, knowledge and questions.

The offered level 3 modules were considered to be very useful to students and professionals who are relatively new to social entrepreneurship or do not have any or little business administration experiences. For further in-depth study of social entrepreneurship, modules with more detailed and depicted contents would be necessary. This would mean that the differences between for-profit and social entrepreneurship should be further elaborated on and examples and case studies need to be more precise in what the important success factors of sustainable social enterprises are.


SETTLE Fair, Kaunas, Lithuania

SETTLElab Fair has been held on the 22nd of September in Kaunas, Lithuania.
During the event, the participants had a great opportunity to try created open courses and learning material during the project implementation period. The participants of the event also were introduced with the possibilities of the created Settle Lab platform. Multiplier event introduced all participants with Social Entrepreneurship topic. The participants were going through the learning material of the courses and were able to try every created module.

The participants was impressed that the platform allows for learners and future social entrepreneurs to collaborate with the other social entrepreneurs and discuss in collaboration centre in the platform.


In all 25 participants have attended the event, providing with a positive feedback towards the SETTLE lab platform.


After the introductory session, Vytautas Magnus university introduced all participants with the main project results and outcomes. Also we discussed all together about the platform possibilities in the future and the first impression of the platform, the things that could be improved in order to make the platform more attractive and useful.


SETTLE Fair, Patras, Greece

Thursday 28/09/2017
Patras – Greece
Venue: POS Coworking Space

InterMediaKT had the pleasure of presenting our SETTLELab (, the free electronic platform.

The purpose of the event was to give a day-to-day view of Social Entrepreneurship and to talk to people who are socially involved and to share their experiences with us.

Key Speakers were persons that followed SETTLE Project for the past 2 years!

Mr. Lampros Arapakos, Social Worker MSc, Association for Mental Health -SOPS Patras, Member of the Social Cooperative Society of Vulnerable Groups “Bridges Cafe”. In his speech Mr. Arapakos talked about the possibility of professional rehabilitation of people with mental health problems through social entrepreneurship, while he presented the “Bridges Cafe”, the first cafe in Patras that employs people with mental health a good practice of social enterprise,

Ms. Efi Daskalopoulou ( – co-creator of, the award-winning internet accessibility tool / accessibility platform for people with disabilities. With experience in the areas of social need and entrepreneurship, she will share her experiences with us.

Mr. Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Social Worker MSc, KDΜΒ ΑΤΟΜ, Member of the Social Cooperative Society of Vulnerable Groups “Bridges Cafe” where he presented the importance of Social Entrepreneurship and the relevant framework in our country and beyond. He also presented the relevant European Project that participates, “Social Youth Enterprises” – “Social Economy-Social Entrepreneurship”, a new way of connecting young people to the labor market –

Last but not least, Nasos Koskinas, owner of POS Coworking Space, presented his own experiences on youth entrepreneurship and the building of a team for this purpose.

Agenda – Presentations

17.30 – 18.00: Attendance

18.00 – 18:20: Introductory welcome from InterMediaKT’s President Greg Archimandritis and presentation of SettleLab from ICT Consultant Panos Antonopoulos

18.20 – 18.40: Lambros Arapakos – Good Practices for Social Entrepreneurship in Patras – Presentation of the SE “Bridges Cafe”

18.40 – 18.55: Efi Daskalopoulou – Social Need, Social Problem, Collectivism and Volunteering in the Age of New Technologies and Action “Accessible Roads” –

18.55 – 19.15: Dimitris Theodoropoulos – “Social Economy-Social Entrepreneurship”, a new way of connecting young people with the labor market – Social Youth Enterprises Presentation.

19.15 – 19.35: Nasos Koskinas – Young Entrepreneurship and Team Building. Key Facts and Challenges.


SETTLE Lab EN intro

Dissemination event in Flensburg, Germany

Our German partners in Domhan Vision held a dissemination event in Flensburg, Germany, on the 12 of September, 2017. It was a starter fair for the Europa-University in Flensburg, where they presented the SETTLELab platform.
“We were excited to present the SETTLE platform to new students are have the potential to set up their own social enterprise during or after their time at university”, Iris Rickhoff-Fischer said.