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IO2: Developing a EU Social Enterprise Learning Pathway

 Final full report (EN, pdf)
 Final full report (DE, pdf)
 Final full report (GR, pdf)
 Final full report (LT, pdf)
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  • 16118023_10154415458267637_1135005683_nIntroduction
  • Review of social entrepreneurship training requirements across the EU
  • Using the European Qualifications Framework
  • What Does the EQF offer to the SETTLE Project?
  • Which qualifications does the EQF cover?
  • What do the EQF levels cover?
  • How Does the EQF Relate to the Bologna Process?
  • Recommendations for an EU Social Enterprise Learning Pathway
  • What has already been developed?
  • Existing qualifications for Social Enterprise in UK
  • Further development proposals
  • References

IO1: Learning and training for social entrepreneurship. 

 Final full report (EN, pdf)


1. Methodological background
2. Overview about social entrepreneurship
3. Actors in social entrepreneurship ecosystem
4. Social Entrepreneur
5. Training and learning for social entrepreneurship
6. Case studies
7. Conclussions
8. Policy recommendations

Additional material:
Overview of social entrepreneurship in United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Poland.